“Innovation lies at the heart of both better design and better business. It magnifies drive inside the organization. It slashes the costs of inefficiency, duplication, and corporate ennui. It confers the ability to produce uncommon, yet practical, responses to real problems.” CEWIDUS solutions works on Innovative ways of providing solutions through Embedded technologies in unique ways in near real time

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CEWIDUS Solutions Education TAB solution enables your students and teachers to benefit from a broad range of education related information on our Tablet device. Our LMS solution include up-to-date courses information, access to crucial learning resources, watch live conference of professors/faculties and participants tracke, all of which serve to increase the students' engagement and performance. Our Cloud based LMS solution establishes a Communication link between institutions and students, helping to create a more interactive learning environment

At CEWIDUS Solutions, we provide development and support for

  • Operating Systems & Device Drivers
  • Semiconductor Products
  • Multimedia - Video, Audio & Imaging
  • Customer Specific Applications
  • Live Streaming
  • Maintenance & Support for all existing market products

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Indian Leadership Award for Information Technology 2011